This page will give a description and price of services that are offered here at JPM. Some of out services may not be on this page. If you have something you are wanting done and do not see it listed on our page please give us a call at the shop. We are working to get all of our services on the web site.
Dyno Tune Engine $40.00 HR Includes Fuel and Oil (YOU WILL GET A PRINT OUT OF YOUR ENGINE TO TAKE WITH YOU)
Valve Job: $40.00 Includes new springs.
Chassis Assembly $500.00 this includes assembling the car, cleaning all bearings, squaring the car front and rear ,squaring drive train in the car, putting motor in the car,and wiring the car.
Scale Car $40.00 Hour. Includes setting camber and ride heights. Set up Sheet will  be provided upon completition.
QMA/USAC Engine tech $150.00 we will tech your engine to be sure that it passes both QMA and USAC tech and supply you with a tech sheet for your engine.
Machine Cylinder Head $35.00 includes machine work on cylinder head, setting spring pressure, and lapping valves.
Machine Cylinder Block $50.00 includes decking both top and bottom of block and chamfering top of cylinder. (NEED TO HAVE ROD AND PISTON TO DO THIS)
Hone Animal/WF cylinder $20.00 includes honing and cleaning cylinder. (NEED PISTON TO PERFORM THIS)
JPM also offers phone and at the track consulting services. Click the link below for details. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)